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Yesterday, our KET warriors (María Joanne, Rochelle, Michelle, Patrick P. and Patrick R.) made all the compulsory actions in order to pass each one of the four KET walls: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. On the other hand, our unique PET warrior, a female one (Vanessa), did her best to pass the four PET walls, much higher than the KET ones. We are looking forward to seeing the results on 25th July.


On 28th May, It was the YLE exam of Cambridge:

Movers: Alejandro Gawaran, Alejandra Ponce y John Fernando de 4º of Primary.

Flyers: Natalia Martínez, Joshua Repollo, Ariana Matos, Oliver Rosario y Raquel Nomo de 6º of Primary.

They had prepared the exam taking extra school lessons. Now is the time to see how they all performed!.

They went to Fray Luis de León school to take the exam. We hope their effort and inspiration helps them improve their English in our school.

Proyecto de mejora del inglés

You see this photograph?


We have got it! All together! It is a recognition of our efforts in order to improve the English level at our school.

But, have a look at the photo again! It is strange and bizarre to have it on the door of the school. You know why? The rest of BEDA schools have it on their walls, but Purísima Concepción cannot. We are special and different. It can’t be put on our wall due to San Antonio de los Alemanes Church, which is a historical building. We are simply the best.

Moreover, Purísima Concepción was opened in 1651; thus, it is one of the most ancient schools in the city of Madrid. It is ancient but modern at the same time. However, its current building was inaugurated in 1888.